Communication builds bridges

In a modern world where globalization has eliminated the barriers that separate countries, communication is essential for any company or individual.


Rather than create obstacles, languages should open doors for new business and opportunities.


CHINESE STUDY AND TRANSLATION SERVICES S.L offers you high quality, professional linguistic solutions adapted to your requirements and necessities.


We understand the value of your business' image and we are aware of the importance of clear and precise communication. Our quality translation and interpreting services will be invaluable tools for companies entering new markets.

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As experienced professionals, we guarantee personalized solutions to your communication needs, as well as top flight Chinese courses carefully tailored to your particular level.


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Going to a meeting in HK?, Translating the minutes of your meetings from German, Spanish, French or English to Chinese?, Signing a contract with a supplier or distributor?, Interested in learning the language of the future?, Take a look at our wide variety of services and choose the ones which suit your company best.


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